Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Almost midnight, almost time to go to bed..

Brush my teeth, and head for the baby's (as I still call him whom happens to be a toddler) room to check on him and say goodnight just one last time. I touch his head and I head straight to panic mode, Oh great a fever. At Midnight. Can anyone please give me a hint as to why sickness ALWAYS happens at night? Never, ever, does a child get horribly sick during business hours Monday-Friday. Its either at night, or better yet Saturday night, you know- because then you have to wait all thru Sunday and clear into Monday to see a doctor.. OR declare an emergency, prepare to wait an obscene amount of time for a doc to tell you what you probably already know AND charge you 1000$ bucks to do it, and drag yourself to the emergency room.

My next seven minutes are spent watching the thermometer climb up to 102.3. 102.3!!!!!!! As my anxiety level is climbing about a temp. that high this late.. my brain starts working again and I realize that nope not 102.3...I took it under the arm, yep tack on another degree.... 103.3- greaaaaaaat. Tylenol, luke warm bath, and then the waiting/crossing my fingers game.....

I will let you use your imagination on how I figured this out, buttttttttt- it did not take long to determine this was the stomach flu we were dealing with. Last night, become the FIRST night in Brentyn's 2 plus years that he got to sleep with mommy and daddy. I would like to claim it was all to comfort him, but honestly I would say it was 50/50. Half for his benefit and half for mine.

Most days I despise anything that wakes me up... barking dogs, storms, the alarm for work.... being beat on the nose, to someone yelling beep beep? Oh wait- not the last one, not today... Even after a restless night sleep of being kick, hit, smothered between both my husband and son- I woke up with a smile on my face.  The child that I had debated taking to the ER 6 hours before, was now laughing, smiling, and cool as a cucumber pretending my nose was a steering wheel at 6 in the morning. 3 years ago, being awaken that way would have set my whole day up for disaster, now being woke up with blows to the face has never been more sweet.
xoxo Britt

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